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Why study at Pneumatix

Why not study at Pneumatix this next year and experience a well-rounded life of learning, community and personal growth.  If you are ready to expand your horizons, we offer some very interesting, challenging, and helpful courses from which to choose. This new year promises to take your desire, whether it be for the arts, or academic studies to a new level, offering specialized training in any of these areas.  Building into your daily life the character and integrity that is foundational for living life in this world today.  We are excited and anticipate great things here at Pneumatix, with an environment conducive to learning and growing if you are up to the challenge. It will be some of the best times of your life.

Pneumatix is designed for students who value themselves and love themselves enough to decide they need more out of a school than paperwork, they need life-change.  Pneumatix is the school that cares about the person, his/her personal development and growth as an individual.  Studying at Pneumatix is more than just getting the paperwork of the field of study done; it is about growing and evolving into a better person holistically.  The study environment at Pneumatix is conducive to life-change.  Pneumatix developes the student’s individual skill-sets - no carbon-copies here, only unique individuals.

Pneumatix prepares you for a career and not only a degree.  At the end of your studies you will be ready to be an innovator in your field of study, not a follower, but a trendsetter… a Pneu-generation of leader, who sets the bar high, because he/she has been trained effectively to achieve that higher standard. 

Pneumatix does not prepare you to pass tests; Pneumatix prepares you to live life successfully. Pneumatix has a unique coaching system, something no other university in SA can claim to have.  Our coaching system is designed to challenge our students to personal growth and great advancements in skills.  Our coaching system is designed to teach each student the necessary skills they will need for their specific area of training.  Coaches look to create a well-balanced environment for our students where they experience the non-traditional aspects of life to become a well-rounded individual.

The Pneumatix programme starts off with an intense two weeks of orientation for all students, not just first years. We intend to create a tightly-knit community of students who will learn and grow together over the year and forge lasting friendships. We generally have 28-30 academic weeks in a regular year and spend an additional 6 weeks touring the country ministering in communities (schools, churches, old-age homes, children’s homes, prisons). Our programme includes many outreach activities, ministry and volunteer activities, life-skills and discipleship training, all of which stands the student in good stead to face the onslaughts that life will throw at them. We pride ourselves in building strong and resilient young people who are not fearful of what the world holds for them. All our students live on campus and because of this we have a family feeling between our students and we have a saying at Pneumatix.

“Once a Pneumatix, always a Pneumatix”.

Cois de Kock