Since 1991 Francois de Kock dreamed of empowering the youth of South Africa and abroad.   The local church was not fulfilling the call, thousands of young people and literally hundreds of schools were asking and begging for something new, something alternative.

Francois had the honour of being part of the ministry called, Dunamis Club, which was founded by Past. Theo Geyser in Pretoria, South Africa.  Francois later took over the reigns and started living almost a life long dream.  Dunamis changed its name to Dunamis Outreach Ministries in 1993.  They were extensively recognized throughout South Africa in schools, churches and even had television and radio-coverage.  They were privileged to perform before and with artists like Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Margaret Becker, Scott Wesley Brown.  Ministering on a part time basis for more than 7 years, the ministry divided into smaller individual movements.

Francois moved on to a new assembly but still the dream kept knocking….in the following two years plans for a future full time ministry school were drawn up, but due to a lack of funds the “Dream” was postponed once again! In 1998 Francois and his wife Corné moved to Cape Town, South Africa as a youth pastor of a large Church in Goodwood, the dream still warm in his heart. 

After eight months in Cape Town, it happened! The dream came true.

We had lift off and in January 1999 Pneumatix School of Ministry opened its doors for the first time with full time students! Its own student house and transport!

Pneumatix is still growing and changing.  Today we proudly partner with many formal tertiary education institution to provide professional training in various fields.  Pneumatix still tours each year with up to three teams at a time, each fully equipped with state of the art sound and lighting to bring across a relevant and uncompromising message to our generation.

Pneumatix Timeline

1999      We started with 9 students – Goodwood Campus, Cape Town.
2000  11 students.
2001 32 students.
2002 60 students.   
2003 82 students, Pneumatix moves to Hoogeind Manor.
2004 85 students.
2005 75 students.
2006 63 South African Students.  
Pneumatix Namibia opens with 11 students.
2007 82 South African Students.  
18 Namibian students.
2008 90 South African Students.  
25 Namibian Students.
2009 74 South African Students.  
20 Namibian Students.
2010 60 South African Academic Students.
Pneukleus GAP Year opens with 14 Students.
18 Namibian Students.
2011 48 South African Students.
Start of Performing Arts Academy, Harmonix Music and Psychology.
2012 50 South African Students.
2013 40 South African Students.
2014 42 South African Students.
2015 46 South Africa Students.
Start with Film School Africa
2016 52 South Africa Students. Start with Music Industry Practise with Cape Music Institute
2017 52 South Africa Students.
2018 40 South Africa Students.
2019 35 South African Students.

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